The future of cars, wildlife, food, and the Comfortable Guy - AnalogFolk High 5


One of the best adverts of last year has been re-invented for the digital space. The comfortable guy from Southern Comfort’s unforgettable Whatever’s Comfortable ads has earned his own website, giving live updates of the weather around the world. Given the boldness of the TV ads, this idea seems quite safe – weather apps have been quite a popular area for brands to be playing in lately (unsurprisingly, given the season). But regardless, any campaign involving this character is going to get a thumbs up from us.

While you might be able to just look out the window for your weather updates, last week BMW offered New Yorkers a slightly more unusual window – a window into the near future. Using digital projection and motion detection technology, they projected future reflections of cars driving down 6th Avenue to the amazement of passers-by. In one week, they transformed 248 thousand cars in BMWi concept cars – enough to save commuters $493 million in fuel expenses. It’s a brilliant way to play into the public’s never-ending fascination with the future, and to remind them that the future might be closer than they think.

Lexus have also used technology to add an interactive twist to the everyday and conventional. To promote their high-tech 2013 ES model, the car brand merged print and digital, asking consumers to use an iPad to bring their magazine ad to life. Naturally the idea hinges on you actually owning an iPad, so for the 86% of us who do not, it’s all in the video below. Even without an iPad though, the idea alone is enough to convey the product’s key message: innovative use of technology.

With the modern fast food diner taking a keener interest in where their food came from than ever before, McDonald’s in Australia has turned to innovative technology in an attempt to ease their anxieties. The free iPhone app, TrackMyMacca’s, lets users discover more about the journey their favourite meal takes on its way to their tray. It’s a fun and well-executed way to address a key problem which has always hounded the fast food giant. Find out how it works in the video below…

Similarly, wildlife charity, WWF, have created a beautiful iPad app designed to let users discover more about some of the rarest animals on the planet. With images, facts, and footage, the Together app provides a playful, interactive experience where users can discover the stories of 8 endangered species including tigers, pandas, and marine turtles (with the plan being to add more species regularly). The beautiful photography and high-def videos on offer provide the perfect distraction for anyone who's watched their Planet Earth Blu-ray far too often already.